Alternative gaseous fuels used in Cat generator sets.

For Electric Power Generation

Worldwide population growth is driving an increasing demand for new sources of electric power generation. At the same time, an increasing focus on efficiency and reduced waste in the power generation sector is driving change in the use of alternative gaseous fuels. Today, Caterpillar is partnering with dealers and customers worldwide to expand the use of specialty gases in Cat® generators.

These specialty gases include, but are not limited to:

  • Syngas: Produced by the heating of wood, coal or other materials in a gasifier
  • Coke Oven Gas: A byproduct of the coke manufacturing process
  • Blast Furnace Gas: A byproduct in steel manufacturing processes
  • High Energy Gas: Gas high in butanes, pentanes, hexanes, etc.

Due to the large variation in the composition and contaminants of these fuels, a close inspection of the fuel is crucial to a successful project. Possible fuel treatment and/or special engine modifications may be required. Contact your local Cat Dealer with your fuel sample to see if your specialty gas can be applied with Cat generators.

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